Metal Fabrication

Our shop is managed by highly skilled employees with years of precision metal fabrication experience.  We offer complete turnkey contract manufacturing solutions.  We assist clients in product development, fabrication, manufacturing, and integrated services.  Our modernized facility houses numerous well-maintained machines capable of handling a wide variety of operations.  For over thirty years we have performed contract manufacturing services using thorough quality management techniques resulting in greater customer satisfaction. Over the years we have worked on:

  • Museum displays
  • Retail store fixtures
  • Custom architectural projects
  • Laser cut metal signage
  • Electric vehicle conversions
  • Custom automotive projects
  • Auditorium and stage equipment rigging
  • Custom camera mounting
  • Solar installations
  • Renewable wind energy projects
  • Water purification systems

And many other custom projects.

CNC Laser Cutting

Our Cincinnati CNC Laser can quickly cut most materials up to 1/2” in steel and 1/4” in aluminum.  Any shape required can be cut from a computer drawing file.  Part lead times are extremely short due to software compatibility.  Send us a 1:1 scale .dxf, Iges, or Solidworks file and we will quickly return with a quote.

CNC Machining

Z Manufacturing Inc. has the ability to produce almost limitless types of precision machined parts and components.  We own a large variety of up to 4-axis CNC mills and CNC lathes to complete the specific features of your project’s design.  Send us your drawing prints and job specifications and we will quote quickly for your entire contract CNC machining needs.

Specialty Welding

We offer specialty welding services to produce the best results for our customers. Our workforce has decades of combined experience in specialty welding.  Our capabilities include TIG welding, MIG welding, and induction brazing.

Job Design

We have full access to Solidworks® modeling software and GibbsCAM® software and possess fully-versed training and experience in each. We can import and work with your own files.


Company flatbed trucks are available for local deliveries and pickups.

Outside Services

A large number of jobs we produce require outside finishes. If your parts require heat treating, anodizing, passivation, electropolishing, powdercoating, zinc plating, nickel plating, or screenprinting, we are capable of sending jobs out to trusted vendors we have been working with for many years.